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Date of birth:

* 14.8.2002


partbred mare





The part of another breed in pedigree:

1,98 % english Thoroughbred


Aneta Zíková


Mrs. J. Havlíčková

Measures (cm):

KVH  -  ŠDT  -   OH   -  OHOL
154  -  160  -  190   -   18


Mathan (*12.8.2002) Mamed
ryzák, 1988
943 Arslan
hnědák, 1969
697 Gelišikli 629 Fakir Sulu
104 Gezel
1112 Alsona 213 Sapar Chan
1998 Malva 870 Garem 699 Gundogar
1594 Mantiya 7
1820 Medeya 858 Ametist
1609 Melekush
plavka, 1995
Garut 10
sv.plavák, 1982
944 Gauchar 4
zl. plavák, 1977
870 Garem 11
1616 Merkenka 20
1421 Akra 10 668 Absent
1548 Kaska
Markiza 11
vranka, 1988
995 Kerzi,
vraník, 1978
896 Kerogly
1603 Maya (Maisa)
00203 Maska
palomino, 1983
883 Kaltaman
00206 Melodia


Mathan is mare middle rise correct physique. It is ebullient mare, well-balanced temper. Has long spacious run, it is fastest mare in pack. In pack glad vymisly rascality. Mathan is also very well parent. Colt they are well-balanced and correct in good type and spacious run.

Her father was stallion Mamed (943 Arslan -1998 Malva), chestnut, born in Stavropol studfarm. The fater of Mamed, 943 Arslan was the direkt offspring of the founder of the most common sireline, stallion 697 Gelishikli. Mamed´s mother, mare 1998 Malva is daughter of the famous stallion 870 Garem (699 Gundogar-1594 Mantyia). This buckskin stallion with the golden shine was succesful racehorse. In 1979 he won in Prize Kalinin in horserace in Pjatigorsk and in 1980 he won the Akhalteke Derby. Stallion Arslan was slim, bony stallion with good race and showjumping carier. His descendants are slim, bony amd with good performance.

Gelishikli in turkmen language means „unequalled“ or beautiful, was by Fakir Sulu and out of 104 Gezel, who was the daughter of magnificent stallion Kara Ennym. Stallion Gelishikli was inbreeded III x IV to Bek Nazar Dor and IV x III, V to Bek Nazar Al. Gelishikli was one of the most extraordinary precious stallion with high set long neck, deap ribcage and proper limbs. He move with good capacious movement. V.P.Shamborant bought him in 1960 and him to Tersk studfarm where the breeding of Akhalteke horses here have was starting. Till his first offspring was born everybody knows he would be an excelent stallion.

Stallion Garut 10 has been taken to Czech republic in 1992 to be the stallion for Czech warmblood and Kinsky horses, then he started mate on stadfarm Chrastava. Warmblood stud we can ment for example Grand Kinsky, who took part on western disciplines with Libuše Půlpánová. Another offspring is the stallion Alois (Ascot), Czech warmblood, who work on studfarm of Ing. Miller in Mnětice. Father of Garut, Gaukhar, light bay, was one of the best stallions in studfarm Lugovskoj, he was the champion of the breed in 1986. He was the father of many akhalteke derby´s winners. Gaukhar was born in 1977 by Garem 11 out of mare Merkenka. Mare Merkenka was an elite mare, one of the best daughters of stallion Merkem. He gave birth to another excelent stallion Gomon. Stallion Garem 11 was an excelent stallion who gave birth to many high-quality horses in Daghestan, Russia and Turkmenistan.


Pete Pet 2006 - palomino by Polotlize, dark buckskin, 1998

Pyshirdy 2007 - dark bay by Polotlize, dark buckskin 1998

2008 - abortion in August from sire Gumon

2008 - not covered

Degerli 2010 - bay by Djasman, bay 1994

2010 - absorb the bay Djasman 1994 - insemination

Kathan 2012 - bay colt father Kajan 2012

2012 - Pregnant after Paolo - foaling 4/2013

Pygamber 2013 - buckskin colt by Paolo 2007

Another photos:

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