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(1749, central register of sires)

European Champion 2 year old stallions Gut Ising (Germany)

European Championship 2012 - 2nd place in the category of three-to four-year stallions - Diploma of the first degree

Date of birth:

* 2009-06-01


pure bred stallion






Richard Lajos Bagyo


Martin Hofman

Measures (cm):

KVH  -  ŠDT  -   OH   -  OHOL   (measured 2013-03)
160  -  165  -  182   -   19


(3 years) 158-160-174-19,0
pedigree: 8.0          type: 7.7
conformation: 7.8      measurements: 8.5
performance: 0.0       quality of descendants: 0.0
class I, cat.I - stud-farm Hodějov

(4 years) 159-165-182-19,0 
pedigree: 8.0          type: 7.6
conformation: 7.7      measurements: 8.8
performance: 0.0       quality of descendants: 0.0
class I, I cat. – stud-farm. Hodějov“


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1749, Patysh,
buckskin, 2009
1185, Džasman,
hnědák, 1994
1115, Jasman 9,
zl.plavák, 1983
870, Garem II., 1972699, Gundogar,
light golden bay, 1961
1594, Mantija 7
1880, Jalma919, Sere,
golden buckskin, 1965
1705, Jarum
2250, Damdža,
hnědka, 1983
870, Garem II., 1972699, Gundogar,
light golden bay, 1961
1594, Mantija 7
1488, Džachan, 1966801, Spesivyj
1252, Kepderi
plavka, 1997
1093, Perchat,
hnědák, 1975
914, Polotli,
zl. plavák, 1965
779, Peren,
zl. plavák, 1955
1244, Kačkyr,
hnědka, 1951
1646, Perizad, 1965721, Kaplan,
vraník, 1957
1375, Fauna, 1953
Dongola1039, Galkan,
ryzák, 1985
945, Gerden, 1975
1429, Alkeik, 1970
2248, Dilemma,
palomino, 1987
949, Dornazarbek,
hnědák, 1974
plavka, 1981


Patysh stallion's temperament and live a happy temperament is such an adolescent is nice and easy to care for food.

It has especially beautiful trot gaits and also has a talent for jumping.

In 2011 he became European Champion 2011 - (2 year-old stallions at Gut Ising (Germany).)

European Championship 2012 - 2nd place in the category of three-to-four-year stallions diploma of the first degree

Father: 1185 Dzasman (1994) appreciation : origin 9,0,type 7,8, bodily peace 8,0, exterior 7,5, progeniture 7,5 enlistment elite II. Fancier : TOO Achaltekspo Russia.Dzasman nativity in roce 1994 in TOO Achaltexpo in Dagestanu.This company after rename on stud farm Shael , residency close Moscow.

Dzasman belong to tack Gelisikli , in his pedigree finding near inbreeding IIxII on stud-horse 870 Garem 11a farther distant inbreedingy in quadratic in,In,xVII on 044 Tillja crossbow(tack Toporbaj), VxV,In on 213 Sapar Chana and VI xVIII on 175 milling crossbow.

Father Dzasmana is golden swimming 1115 Jasman 9 (870 Garem11- 1880 Jalma) nar. 1983 in stud farm Dagestanskij.Jasman. double championship breed, is product fancier fable in world achaltekincu and Arabic ,Vladimira Petroviee Samboranta.Sir Samboranta odchoval for instance stud Julduz, Gundogar, Azat,Guldzachan, Pentli,Posman, Adat,Chalat, Daghestan, Omar, Ajgytli, Gajsan..Alone Samborat considered Nasmana behind one's from elite tit , which odchoval.Zel Jasman untimely uhynul and leave successive the only one plnohodnotny volume.Zaoazeni in strain they are his two son namely Dzasman and Jaz-Jar (from Java).From Jasmanovych daughter mentioned elite mare 2993 Jasurli (from 2941 Surat 5) , which adventitious on show in Pjatigorsku in r. 1996 diploma II. Quadratic.

Father Jasmana is golden swimming 870 Garem 11 (699 Gundogar - 1594 Mantia 7), nar. 1972 in Lugovskem stud farm in Kazachstanu. Garem was at all nejuspisnijsim son Gundogara in strain, affected in Lugovskem stud farm in Dagestanu, in Kalmykii also Turkmenistanu and practically everywhere gave extra progeniture. In strain were enlistment his son Jasman,Gauchar , whose children have not competition on turfy way, farther Dzagitaj , which placing like a second in cutis and sire excellent plemenika Dzejchuna (mj. father Oaksistky and championship breed Prochlady) and duologue.

Parent Dzasmana is then one from elite daughter stud-horse 919 Sere, sincerely 1880 Jalma. Jalma nativity in roce 1977 in Dagestanskem stud farm daughterly Fakirpelvan, mare 1705 Jarum.The turf Jalma neabsolvovala and like a quadriennial was enlistment to strain. Except Dzasmana given elite mare 2511 Jaksi (after Dornazarbek), granny plemenika Jaz-Jar,farther elite stud-horse and plemenika Jazyr (after Rokot),championship breed Jazolada (after Pudok), elite mare 2985 Jaksigus (after 1037 Gajdamak) and double championship breed 2992 Jarodzu (after 1248 Orlan). Another offspring they are Atabesir (after 1095 Polot) or vranka Jagma (after 11248 Orlan).

From motherly parties belong Dzasman to families turn mare 1252 Kepderi (Terku- tenorist).Kepderi mother several successful strain mare: 1488 Dzachan (after 801 Spesivij), parent plemenika 987 Dzagitaj (after 870 Garem11( and his right sisters 2250 Damdza (parent Dzasmana) and mare 1769 Dortbaital (after 883 Kaltaman, parent cutis winner and plemenika 1056 Dasta and 2724 ) and 2724 Dogadka (after 949 Dornazarbek, parent in ER applied plemenika Dubler).1590 Lolla (after 697 Gelisikli) parent plemenika Lakmuse (after 860 Ararat II) , which affected in ER and his right sisters 1991 Lady , which given drezurni successful Gruma (after 1039 Galkan).Hers another daughter is very successful mare 2200 Gloria 5 , mj. winner Oaks. Another daughter Kepderi they are 1588 rope (after Gelisikli) and 2350 Leili (after Balcar).

Mother: Penelope nar. 1997 (1093 Perchat - Dongola) appreciation : origin 8,0, type 7,8, bodily peace 8,0, exterior 8,0 - enlistment elite III.

Penelope after father belong to tack Peren.Stud-horse 779 Peren nativity r. 1955 in Turkmenistanu. Assessed like a elite. In roce 1967 stand championship breed. Ran 4x in enough and therefrom 3x won. Harm with that his racing karieruukoneil. Everything around Perena was rare. His son 914 Polotli and where-night club stand pride Turkmenistanu.In strain is testimonial combination Peren with tack padre, Kir landing-net-are and Karlavae.From specification from r. 1986 appertain to tack Peren 15 stud-horse and 45 mare, whereby total procentuelni substitution individual tack AT was 7,7 %.Data for year 1993 they are 23 stud-horse and 67 mare 7,4%tack Peren belong to recent and popular sporting tack achaltekinskych tit.

Stud-horse 1093 Perchat nativity r. 1975 in stud farm Komsomol. His peace and appreciation from r. 1980 : 160-162-176-19,8,8,7,7,5 - elite. In Pjatigorsku in his 2-3 years 13x zueastnil race. 2xprvni ,2x second ,3x the third,1x fourth.His individual times : 1000m - 1.08,9, 1200m -1.28,2,2000m - 2.20,2.Farther placing cu. places in prices Absenta and fourth place in prices bridesman people.

Grandsire Penelopy, stud-horse 914 Polotli was r.1973 promulgation championship his breed.

After parent belong Penelope to tack padre. Stud-horse 721 padre nativity r. 1957 in Aschabadu. Was it vranik, high 161 cm- elite.After father 736 Keimir appertain to tack Kir landing-net-are.A lot of fancier disapprove in Kir Sakarovii and his tack void typienost. It however knock the bottom out of a thing just padre, which ser. 1991 stand founder her have tack. Was it excellent racehorse, in six years take off 26x therefrom 17x won. R. 1967 stand championship breed.

From specification from r. 1986 appertain to tack padre 12 stud-horse and 38 mare =9,7 % of all tack AT.

Sorrel horse 1039 Galkan nativity r.1985 in stud farm Komsomol. His peace and score from year 1990 159-162-174-19,5, 8-8-8-7-5 - elite.In two years take off in enough 3x,3 years take off in Aschabadu 10x -3x the first,3x second, 1x the third.R.1988 won diploma III. Quadratic on show in Aschabadi.

Father Galkana , golden bay horse 945 Gerden stand r. 1986 championship breed.

Stud-horse 935 Julduz, which helped origin tack Gelisikli and Fakirpelvan.Was popular horse in. Samboranta which of him said: was it nobleness and unique horse.This son Gelisikliho, championship breed,belong between nejkrasnijsi stud our mare.Had that longest neck and driest head.His step was about halves longer than the rest stud.Had pretty,limp mane and till unusual long hooves .Be born in Tirsku and belong between best-known Achaltekince.

Buckskin 2248 Dajna nativity r. 1981 in sochvoze Dagestanskij. After father 960 Muchtar appertain to tack Arabian, after parent 1485 Dzamal to tack Fakirpelvan.

Hers peace and appreciation r.1990 :160-158-179-19,7-7,5-9-8-7- elite.In his 2-3letech take off 14x in Krasnodaoe in enough.:2x the first, 2x second, 5x the third.Individual times: 1200m -1.24,1400m-1.42,1600m-2.06,2000m- 2.28,4,2400-3.28.Adventitious the second place in prices biennial mare and the third place in prices Firjuzy. On show in Krasnodare r.1984 adventitious diploma III. Quadratic.

Offspring CZ:

26.6.2013 Palatin bucksin colt (from Alsanta) - dead

2014 - hřebeček světlý plavák Posejdon (Everda)

2014 - filly světlá plavka Mawy Gozli Merweri (Mathan)

2014 - filly cremelo Rajka from Regina

Offsprings in the world:

June 23, 2014 was born buckskin colt / Patysh x Abra /

Another photos:

_patysh_75.jpg _patysh_74.jpg _patysh_73.jpg _patysh_72.jpg _patysh_71.jpg _patysh_70.jpg _patysh_69.jpg _patysh_68.jpg _patysh_67.jpg _patysh_66.jpg _patysh_65.jpg _patysh_64.jpg _patysh_63.jpg _patysh_62.jpg _patysh_61.jpg _patysh_60.jpg _patysh_59.jpg _patysh_58.jpg _patysh_57.jpg _patysh_56.jpg _patysh_55.jpg _patysh_53.jpg _patysh_52.jpg _patysh_51.jpg _patysh_48.jpg _patysh_47.jpg _patysh_46.jpg _patysh_45.jpg _patysh_41.jpg _patysh_40.jpg _patysh_39.jpg _patysh_38.jpg _patysh_37.jpg _patysh_36.jpg _patysh_35.jpg _patysh_34.jpg _patysh_33.jpg _patysh_32.jpg _patysh_31.jpg _patysh_30.jpg _patysh_29.jpg _patysh_28.jpg _patysh_27.jpg _patysh_25.jpg _patysh_24.jpg _patysh_23.jpg _patysh_15.jpg _patysh_10.jpg _patysh_09.jpg _patysh_08.jpg _patysh_07.jpg _patysh_05.jpg _patysh_04.jpg _patysh_02.jpg

Father - Djasman:

_dzasman_06.jpg _dzasman_05.jpg _dzasman_04.jpg _dzasman_03.jpg _dzasman_02.jpg _dzasman_01.jpg

Mother - Penelopa:

_penelopa_17.jpg _penelopa_16.jpg _penelopa_15.jpg _penelopa_14.jpg _penelopa_13.jpg _penelopa_08.jpg _penelopa_01.jpg

Patysh - potomci:

_patysh-potomci_13.jpg _patysh-potomci_12.jpg _patysh-potomci_11.jpg _patysh-potomci_10.jpg _patysh-potomci_09.jpg _patysh-potomci_08.jpg _patysh-potomci_07.jpg _patysh-potomci_06.jpg _patysh-potomci_05.jpg _patysh-potomci_04.jpg _patysh-potomci_03.jpg _patysh-potomci_02.jpg _patysh-potomci_01.jpg
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