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Date of birth:

* 17.7.2003


† 13.7.2010


Bernese Mountain Dog

Stallion dog

Classification numbers:

525AGHLTYZ 4y4A , RTG DKK A/A, height : 68

- for the duration of protection may be female dog accommodate




We're purchase Aron on autumn year 2003 from Mr Mgr. Zdeoka Filipa ,it is vehement dog with well-balanced temper with good head,forficate whine,fastback,good uhleni extremity, tint answering standard very good top hair,isn't timid is obedient and good guard.Love human company and mostly he likes children .Bernsky salasnicky dog is middle big till big, dlouhosrsty, three-colour, harmonious and well-balanced. Originally was using like a guard, cowboy and tensile dog on farm yards. Corral stock, sentinel agricultural location and in special tackling tug small dvoukolove truck. Bernsky salasnicky as well as bernardyn be able to haunt people lost in gouty snow-drift.

According classification FCI belong between Swiss salasnicke doggery without working test. Ratio height in tap to length body is about 9:10. Body has rather thick-set, than long. Doggery top in tap 64-70 cm, female dog 58-66 cm, and yoke between 32 till 50 kg. Breed is easy distinguishable thanks three-colour sign (black flag, hnidoeervene burnt and white). Most of body is black flag. Cheek, hosiery and spot around eye has hnidoeerve burnt. Chest, finger, snout, peak trail and lysina between eyes they have white colours. If dog sit, is nejnapadnijsi thanks her white shirt-front. Tint individual doggery uneven only slightly mostly in amount white colours. Eyes they are tmavihnide. Usi they are triangular, slightly rounded, high hard-set. Trail is freely osrstiny, quiet hang down, on the move soaring on level ridge, or attached somewhat above she. Bernsky salasnicky dog temper sure, attentive, watchful, good-natured and clinging in behavior against familiar men.

Exhibition site:

17.7.2003 Roudna u Sobeslavi show special VD 2

24.4.-25.4.2004 MVP - Č. Budějovice VD4

23.-24.4.2005 MVP - Č.Budějovice VD

19.6.2005 Krajská výstava Klatovy VD 3

22.6.2009 Klatovy - Oblastní výstava VD 1

Mating Overview:

BELLIS from Malšovice CMKU/BSP/6328/08 * 9/2/2008 - pregnancy confirmed

- Puppy for phone number +420725832378 or more on

14.2.2010 born 10 puppies (4 girls + 6 boys)

_bellis_02.jpg _bellis_01.jpg

Another photos:

_aron_08.jpg _aron_07.jpg _aron_06.jpg _aron_05.jpg _aron_04.jpg _aron_03.jpg _aron_02.jpg

Aron x Bellis puppies (5 weeks):

_aron-puppies_08.jpg _aron-puppies_07.jpg _aron-puppies_06.jpg _aron-puppies_05.jpg _aron-puppies_04.jpg _aron-puppies_03.jpg _aron-puppies_02.jpg _aron-puppies_01.jpg

Aron + Alexa:

_aron-puppies2_03.jpg _aron-puppies2_02.jpg _aron-puppies2_01.jpg

Adagio Horske Strane:

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