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Date of birth:

* 25.3.2010


partbred mare


golden buckskin



The part of another breed in pedigree:

3% English thoroughbred


Mrs. Eva Kutilova


Mrs. Edita Slukova


parentage - 5
type - 7.6
measurement - 7.5
exteriér - 8.0
I class,category III

Measures (cm):

KVH  -  ŠDT  -   OH   -  OHOL
151  -       -        -    
(measured 9/2011)


vraník, 2003
zl.plavák, 1998
1150 Gajgysyz 990 Karaman
2063 Syjagul
2782 Lira 17 883 Kaltaman
2350 Lejli
tm. ryzák, 1998
Akim 271029 Ančar
2313 Kameja 4
2372 Machmansi 26910 Opál
1614 Merdžen
tm.palomino, 1992
ryzák, 1988
943 Arslan697 Gelišikli
1112 Alsona 77
1998 Malva870 Garem
1820 Medya
Energija 12
cremello, 1988
883 Kaltaman828 Fakirpelvan
1281 Kyrmyzy
253 EspriAsker


Father: Karakaisu is a beautiful black stallion, line Posman with excellent type (lean head, slanted eyes and long neck), compact body, KVH153 cm born in 2003 in Dagestan, Russia. Ratings Elite III, lineage 7, type 8,3 exterior 8. Very representative of the stallion line Posman. Gaigysys grandson of the famous, the best stallions in Russia for 10 years. Gaigysys produced many champions of the breed. Stallion has a very good genetic potential of plants. It is obedient and respectful, has a nice character to eat easily handled.

Mother: Everda is big, strong mare correct conformation to give their children large dishes. It is a quiet nature and the type temperamentu. Typ 7.5, exterior 8, KVH 157 cm. The herd is a strict leader mare. It's a very caring mother. Foals from Everdy copies are admitted stallion.

Mathan's father is stallion Mamede (943 Arslan -1998 Malva), chestnut, born in Stavropol stud. Father Mamede, 943 Arslan was the direct son of the founder the most common line stallion 697 Gelishikli. Mamed mother, Malva 1998 mare is daughter of the famous stallion Garem 870 (699 Gundogar - Mantyia 1954). This colt with a distinctive yellow sheen was a successful horse racing. In 1979 on the racetrack in Pjatigorsku won in the price and Kalinin r.1980 Akhalteke won the derby. Arslan was dry, bony, rough stallion, has completed a successful racing career, which followed the career of sports (jumping). His children excelled in the dry, boniness and performance.

Golden buckskin stallion Lamart, line Posman (155-150-170-18,5) Elite 8-8-7,5 was born in Dagestan in 1998. In 2001, the winner of a prize championship of Russia. Breeding career began in 2002. The first offspring produced best stallion in France today, the black stallion from Karakaisu Majsy of Akim. From 2001 - 2008 admitted in Dagestan and stud-farm Tarek Tau and proved that improved the mare. ELITE evaluated, type - 8 physique - 8 Estimation of quality offspring: - 7.5 .

Lamart stallion is the son excellent Gajgysyza. Gajgysyz is considered one of the best horse breeding world. , They had many world champions.

Posman line

Posman - grey, born 1919 in Turkmenistan. Posman was famous for its galloping abilitities. From Posman and the representatives of the lines of Toporbay, Mele Chep and Everdy-Teleke a lot of fast and good horses were bred. Its progeny are characterized in general by the light and lean constitution and enegretic temperament. The best representives of them are 742 Kermek, 990 Garaman, 951 Yyldyz and others.

The grey stallion Posman 1919, was an excelent purebred whit outstanding racing abilities. In Turkmenistan he producent good - quality mares, including the mother of the stud - horse Ak-Belek b.1931,the grey mare Khodja (a.k.a. Khotcha -Kor). The type of this stallion represents a perfect copy the Posman type, thus all the descendants of Posman belong to the farm line of Posman.

After his activity in Turkmenistan the Akhal-teke was sold to Northern Caucasus and the transported to the Djambul stud-farm. By the end of the 1970s, XX c, the line had declined, being preserved through its only representative Kermek, a small lean bay, an excelent purebred b.1971 (Kalkan - Tovshan). T. Riabova and M Cherkezova insisted on his use as stud - stallion. For the reason of his unique origin, his only son Karaman, a black stallion, was taken to the Ashkhadab stud farm. In 1988 he managed to produce valuable offspring. Including the golden-buckskin Gaigysyz (from Angar's daughter Syiagul) export to Russia. From the very beginning, the stallion managed to produce hogh-quality foals in Stavropol and Dagestan after pairing with mares of various origins. The golden-buckskin Galabeg (from Geze, Opal's daughter), golden-bay Mangyt and Murgab (from Millet, the daughter of Daghestan), golden – buckskin Calyr (z Caina, Sere's daughter), golden - bucskin Sagib (from Serga, the daughter of Sere), cremello Gayaz (from Pampa, the daughter of Gazok) became the winners of most prestigious exhibitions stud-horses. Among their most outstanding children are Garaiusup, Pekhimdar, Pelen, Peremena, Primula, Amira. The line that seemed almost extinct is flourishing at the moment, being considered promising in the future as well.

Another photos:

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Father - Karakaisu:

_karakaisu_07.jpg _karakaisu_06.jpg _karakaisu_05.jpg _karakaisu_04.jpg _karakaisu_03.jpg _karakaisu_02.jpg _karakaisu_01.jpg
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