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European Championship 2012 - 4th place - Category 2 years mare

Date of birth:

* 16.5.2010


purebred mare


light brown




Joan Antoni Cano - Spain


Mrs. Edita Sluková

Measures (cm):

KVH  -  ŠDT  -   OH   -  OHOL
160  -  157  -  178   -  18,5  
(measured 2013-03)


Abra Abebe
plavák, 2004
1196 Elbek 40
tm.plavák, 1983
919 Sere
zl.plavák, 1965
579 Synok
1195 Enyš
1505 Edegen
hnědka, 1968
697 Gelišikli
1187 Elim
2590 Arzu
plavka, 1985
879 Dorsekil
zl.plavák, 1969
885 Kambar
1213 Kamina
1711 Akdurno
plavka, 1976
917 Sektor
1431 Altyn
hnědka, 2005
tm.hnědák, 2000
1130 Alachrat
tm.hnědák, 1994
1138 Arslan
2114 Akpamyk
2770 Keiki 1210 Kelte
1794 Keimirči II.
bělka, 1996
1272 Salam
palomino, 1987
1012 Sumbar
1814 Kuban
2836 Messa
bělka, 1990
1073 Mejdanli
2107 Ajsa 7


Father: Stallion Abebbe born Austria 16.4.2004, at 2.5 years of evaluation: the origin of -7, the type - 8, the physical extent -9, include Elite II

Abbebe in July 2010 won the French International championship AT 4 instead of those in category 5 - year-old and older stallions.

Abbebe for the father to the line of Sere. Comes from the line Sapara Chan, who despite a stallion Čumuč Sunčeli based on line Melekuš. "Golden buckskin" 175 Melekuš was born in the last son of legendary 1909. Byl Bionoua 2 and is taken as the best potomek. Linie Melekuš continued on through his sons 173 Mele Kur and grandson Sunčeli. Sunčeliho 213 Sapara Chan was born in 1932 and gave the basis of its own that came out principally linii. Z 579 Synok stallion, whose son 919 Serena became the founder of his line. Golden buckskin 919 Sere senarodil r.1965, breed champion from 1978. The line is popular for keeping his hard work and correct conformation.

According to data from 1986 belonged to the line Sapara Chan six stallions and 19 mares čímžto overall percentage in each AT was 3.5%. Data for 1993 are: 11 stallions, 21 mares were 4.3%. In line with the stated Sere : 20 stallions, 74 mares were 6.3%.

The paternal origin in Abebbe is still one founder stallion lines and 697 Gelišikli. Zltý This bay called "incomparable", born 1945 in Ashgabat. Was 156 cm tall, in 1962 he received from ELITA. R. 1964 he became the champion of its breed, five years after the same from his brother and founder Fakirpelvana. Linie Gelišikli line is very popular among enthusiasts Akhalteke. 697 Gelišikli been outstanding in racing, but for his excellent pace and had excellent conditions for sport. Born in Ashgabat, but most of his life spent at stud in Těrsku.

Her mother's responsibility to Abebbe Karlavač line.

Another photos:

_abra_57.jpg _abra_56.jpg _abra_55.jpg _abra_54.jpg _abra_53.jpg _abra_52.jpg _abra_51.jpg _abra_49.jpg _abra_47.jpg _abra_46.jpg _abra_45.jpg _abra_44.jpg _abra_43.jpg _abra_42.jpg _abra_41.jpg _abra_40.jpg _abra_39.jpg _abra_38.jpg _abra_37.jpg _abra_36.jpg _abra_35.jpg _abra_34.jpg _abra_33.jpg _abra_32.jpg _abra_31.jpg _abra_30.jpg _abra_29.jpg _abra_28.jpg _abra_27.jpg _abra_26.jpg _abra_25.jpg _abra_24.jpg _abra_23.jpg _abra_22.jpg _abra_21.jpg _abra_20.jpg _abra_19.jpg _abra_18.jpg _abra_17.jpg _abra_15.jpg _abra_14.jpg _abra_13.jpg _abra_12.jpg _abra_11.jpg _abra_10.jpg _abra_09.jpg _abra_08.jpg _abra_07.jpg _abra_06.jpg _abra_05.jpg _abra_04.jpg _abra_03.jpg _abra_02.jpg _abra_01.jpg

Father - Abebbe:

_abebbe_17.jpg _abebbe_16.jpg _abebbe_15.jpg _abebbe_14.jpg _abebbe_13.jpg _abebbe_12.jpg _abebbe_11.jpg _abebbe_10.jpg _abebbe_09.jpg _abebbe_08.jpg _abebbe_07.jpg _abebbe_04.jpg
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