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Date of birth:

* 2012-04-14


partbred colt




Kir Sakar

The part of another breed in pedigree:

0,8 % English thoroughbred


Mr. Tomáš Panchartek


Mrs. Edita Sluková

Measures (cm):

KVH  -  ŠDT  -   OH   -  OHOL
155  -       -   21   -   
(measured 2014-01)



hnědák, 2012
hnědák, 2004
vraník, 1987
989, Karader, 1977894, Kerven, 1967
1520, Elsona, 1957
1946, Desmal879, Dorsekil, 1969
1486, Djangli
Elden1284, Sultan-Bala, 1982866, Vatanchi, 1970
1639, Passiya, 1969
Jalkim967, Pudok, 1973
1878, Java, 1973
hnědka, 2002
ryzák, 1988
943, Arslan, 1969697, Gelishikli, 1949
1112, Alsona, 1955
1998, Malva870, Garem II., 1972
1820, Medeya, 1975
plavka, 1995
Garut, 1982944, Gauchar 4
1421, Akra 10
Markiza995, Kerzi, 1978
203, Maska


Kathan was born about 17 days longer, the world came to a complicated manner, and lacked a little and was also an orphan. Fortunately, everything turned out well and Kathan and his mother to be to the world. Kathan is a big strong horse, the second day after birth was 108 cm. It's a very affectionate and curious horse.

Kathan is the stallion from old Turkmen line Kir Sakar. His grandfather 989 Karader was born in 1977 in Turkmenistan. He was very typical, powerful stallion with correct exterior. He was also very good race horse – during six years he took part in 32 races and 25 of them he won. On the exhibition in Ashabad and Krasnodar he won the Award of 3 rd Degree and in year 1981 he got the title for Champion of the Breed.

Mathan, the mother of Kathan, is a part-bred mare with correct body constitution. From the mother’s side there are a lot of horses with very successful race carrier (870 Garem, Arslan) but also the horses with another sport carrier – jumping. All the foals from Mathan have very powerful constitution, correct exterior and are good temperament.

Kathan is after his father very typical stallion with long movement. He is temperament but with friendly character. The movement of Kathan is regular, spacious and powerful. The exterior is correct and very typical for the breed. Kathan has the regular vaccinations, blood test and he is healthy.

Another photos:

_kathan_74.jpg _kathan_73.jpg _kathan_72.jpg _kathan_71.jpg _kathan_70.jpg _kathan_69.jpg _kathan_68.jpg _kathan_67.jpg _kathan_66.jpg _kathan_65.jpg _kathan_64.jpg _kathan_63.jpg _kathan_62.jpg _kathan_61.jpg _kathan_60.jpg _kathan_59.jpg _kathan_58.jpg _kathan_57.jpg _kathan_56.jpg _kathan_54.jpg _kathan_53.jpg _kathan_52.jpg _kathan_51.jpg _kathan_50.jpg _kathan_49.jpg _kathan_46.jpg _kathan_44.jpg _kathan_43.jpg _kathan_42.jpg _kathan_41.jpg _kathan_39.jpg _kathan_34.jpg _kathan_24.jpg _kathan_23.jpg _kathan_22.jpg _kathan_20.jpg _kathan_18.jpg _kathan_17.jpg _kathan_15.jpg _kathan_14.jpg _kathan_13.jpg _kathan_11.jpg _kathan_08.jpg _kathan_07.jpg _kathan_06.jpg _kathan_05.jpg _kathan_04.jpg _kathan_02.jpg _kathan_01.jpg
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