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Date of birth:

* 2015-05-30


purebred colt






Hans Hutmacher und Annina Speerli-Hutmacher (Schweiz)


Josef Sluka

Measures (cm):

KVH  -  ŠDT  -   OH   -  OHOL
146 -       -        -   
(measured 7, 2016)



palomino, 2015
plavák, 2004
Karar, 1994995, Kerzi, 1978896, Kerogli
1603, Maja
2149, Arktika, 1985860, Ararat,
black, 1971
2012, Moral 3,
buckskin, 1980
Azgul1060, Zergyar939, Adat, 1972
1526, Zardiana,
buckskin, 1970
Azizim699, Gundogar,
light golden bay, 1961
1548, Kaska, 1964
plavka, 1997
1093, Perchat,
hnědák, 1975
914, Polotli,
zl. plavák, 1965
779, Peren,
zl. plavák, 1955
1244, Kačkyr,
hnědka, 1951
1646, Perizad, 1965721, Kaplan,
vraník, 1957
1375, Fauna, 1953
Dongola1039, Galkan,
ryzák, 1985
945, Gerden, 1975
1429, Alkeik, 1970
2248, Dilemma,
palomino, 1987
949, Dornazarbek,
hnědák, 1974
plavka, 1981


Aibekpen colt is the perfect type and good character.

Mother: Penelope born. 1997 (1093 Perche - Dongola) evaluation: Origin 7.5, 7.4 type, body measurements of 7.5, 8.0 exterior - including ELITE III. Penelope competed in the endurance tracks up to 60 km. Her offspring excel in type and conformation.

Penelope after father belongs to the line of Peren. Stallion 779 Peren was born in. 1955 in Turkmenistan. Classified as elite. In 1967 he became the champion of the breed. 4x ran in races including 3 wins. After injury ended his racing career. Everything around Perena was exceptional. His son Polotli 914 and Kambar became the pride of Turkmenistan. The breed is a proven combination Peren with lines Kaplan, Kir Sakar and Karlavač. According to data from r. 1986 belonged to the line Peren 15 stallions and 45 mares čímžto overall percentage representation of individual lines of AT was 7.7%. Data for 1993 are 23 stallions and 67 mares 7.4%. Line Peren belongs to modern and popular sports lines Akhal Teke horses.

Stallion 1093 Perche was born r. 1975 in Komsomol stud. Its extent and evaluation of r. 1980: 160-162-176-19,8,8,7,7,5 - elite. In Pyatigorsk in their 2-3 years 13x attended races. 2 first, 2 second, 3 third, 1 fourth. Its various times: 1000 - 1.08,9, 1200 -1.28,2,2000m - 2.20,2. Furthermore umístnil third place in the price Absent a fourth place in the prices Družby Nations.

Penelope grandfather, stallion 914 1973. Polotli was declared champion of the breed.

After Penelope's mother belongs to the line of Kaplan.

Stallion 721 Kaplan was born in. 1957 in Ashgabat. It was a black horse, tall 161 cm elite. After his father Keimir 736 belongs to the line Kir Sakar. Lots of breeders condemned in Kir Sakarovii and his line devoid of distinctiveness. But this was refuted Kaplan, who r. 1991 became the founder of his own 'line. It was a great racehorse, six years of which started 26x 17x won. R. 1967, he became the champion of the breed.

Kerze a black horse born in 1978 in a kolkhoz im.Sverdlova in Turkmenistan. He ran to his 4 years, a total of 20 times, 2 finished first, second 6x, 6x third. In 1981 he won the title of champion of the breed at an exhibition in Ashgabat.

Kerzi father golden bay 896 Kerogly, son of the founder lines Kaplan, born at the stud farm Komsomol in Turkmenistan in 1965. Kerogly was very typical, correct stallion with bodily degrees 161-161-175-19,0. On the racetrack he started from 2-7 years. Ran total 50x 13x of which the first, 24x placed. He placed as 3rd in the comparative cost and 4th in the Elite Prize.

Mother Kerzi is bright bay 1603 Maja (MAJS) line Toporbai born at the stud farm Komsomol in Turkmenistan. Maya was the mare average type and exterior (on the rearing signed in substandard conditions). She raced 2-3 years old 9x, 1 win, 2 the second, 2 third. The breed has given only three foals Kyrachala, bay Leila and her brother Kerziho right.

Kerzi was very typical stallion type 9.3, 7.0, exterior, 161-158-175-19.0. His best offspring was Karar.

(Info text by Petra Marešová)

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